Staff Spotlight: Maryam Younessi, Subtle Lip Fillers

Duckface No More: Here’s The Secret to Subtle Lip Fillers When it comes to injectables, lip fillers aren’t known for their subtly. See: former real housewife Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Rinna and, of course, Kylie Jenner. For these TV personalities, more is most certainly more. But for the rest of us? As certified physician’s assistant Maryam […]

Make it Ageless: Preventative Aging Treatments for Twenty-somethings

“My main goal is working toward not wearing much face makeup,” says Sarah Prevost, a twenty-something medical esthetician at Westside Aesthetics. “I want skin to glow naturally, have even tone and to feel confident.” Don’t we all? Her battle plan: A trio of proven in-office, no-to-low downtime anti-aging treatments that not only fight wrinkles and […]

Rivkin’s RX: Is “Organic Botox” Real?

What is “Organic Botox” and Should I Try It? I recently read that Kim Kardashian bought the rights to distribute a so-called “organic botox” called Biotulin. The company says that Kate Middleton has used it, too. Can I replace regular Botox injections with this gel that’s simply applied to the skin? Rivkin’s Rx: This product […]

Beautiful film stars then and now

Here is a great video showing some of our most beloved and beautiful film stars then and now. it is a nice illustration of what happens to our faces as we age. there are changes in weight with some and wrinkles develop where there was only smooth skin before. but to me what is most […]
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Reduce Your Double Chin with Kybella!

Welcoming a New Double Chin Reduction Treatment to Los Angeles! We are excited to welcome Kybella into the suite of outstanding non surgical procedures that we offer at Westside Aesthetics. Kybella is a revolutionary new injectable treatment to reduce fat deposits under the chin. Dr. Rivkin is honored to have been selected as one of […]
Cosmetic surgery consultation in Los Angeles, serving patients even in Beverly Hills

Welcome to Our New Website!

We Welcome You to Our Brand New Website At Westside Aesthetics, we have a long history of providing cosmetic surgery to the Los Angeles area. As the primary innovator of the Non-Surgical Nose Job, Dr. Rivkin has long upheld the ideal that aesthetic beauty should not come at the cost of a long, painful recovery. […]

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