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Botox and TMJ / Teeth Grinding

June 16, 2008
Can you answer some questions relating to Botox?
If the person needing treatment needs it mostly for Bruxism, but a little for jaw tightening/locking- what is the usual course? Where and how much is used? (Which muscles/units?)
How much Botox does it take to treat TMJ typically? (How many units?)
Also - how long does it last? And - what is the success rate?

i usually treat the masseter muscle with a dose that depends on how big and active those muscles are. usually it is 16 to 20 units per side, spaced apart so that the whole muscle is covered.
it lasts for about 3 months and is almost always successful.
exception is when the patient is just complaining of popping / locking - may be more of a joint issue than a overactive muscle issue.
i usually find that after a couple of treatments the patient's muscle is visibly smaller and we can sometimes stop and the grinding does not come back.

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