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Botox vs Dysport

June 22, 2011
A new study came out recently comparing the efficacy of Botox and Dysport in the treatment of crow's feet.

They concluded that Dysport is more effective at reducing the appearance of crow's feet lines. The study was funded by Medicis, the makers of Dysport. I think it is pretty clear to all physicians who inject Botox and Dysport that they are equally effective, depending on the dose you administer. The doctors running this study (which really, is not much more than a publicity gimmick for Medicis) simply injected a slightly higher dose with Dysport than they did with Botox and presto! Dysport is more effective. The art of neurotoxin injection is tailoring the dose you give to achieve the effect you want. A higher dose gives more paralysis and has a longer duration of action, but a lower dose looks more natural and avoids the "frozen" look. I prefer using smaller doses, and charging less. The patient maintains natural facial movement and no one can tell that they have had toxin. This applies to Botox or Dysport. Patients may have to come in a bit more often, but its worth it, in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Botox vs Dysport”

  1. botox nyc says:

    Great to hear about the new technique i.e Dysport. Are there any complications for it?

    1. Dr. Rivkin says:

      nothing other than the standard risks of botox – bruising, eyebrow droop etc.

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