Non Surgical Nose Job, LA

September 24, 2008
good morning doctor rivkin,

if possible, i would like to ask you another thing about radiesse for a no surgical nose job:

1. i wear glasses, are there any problem with the filler? is it possible that radiesse will migrate o move with the little weight of the glasses?
2. i've some red capillars on my nose. could i remove it with the radiesse on or the filler could give me some problem?
3. the last thing..if one day i would like to have a surgical rinoplastic to remove the hump on my nose , the radiesse that now i will put could be a problem?

many thanx doctor.

1. i tell my patients to hold off on wearing sunglasses for a week after the non surgical nose job treatment. if that is not possible, i just ask them to do their best and perhaps wear light weight glasses or decrease the use of glasses, or wear them in a position that does not press upon the area of the nose where radiesse was injected. i have never had a case where glasses caused a dent in the nose after radiesse, but i just want to be sure.

2. we can treat the capillaries with a device that eliminates them after the procedure. occasionally, the radiesse injection makes capillaries like that a bit more noticeable, but we can always treat them.

3. this is a concern that some doctors have raised. i really think that, if you wait a year or so after the radiesse injection, surgery should be fine. if you want to be really sure, wait 18 months. Radiesse is a temporary filler. the body breaks it down and it should never cause permanent scarring under the skin. i have had some patients have rhinoplasty after the radiesse injection. they waited the appropriate amount of time and everything was ok.

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