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Pixel, Thermage and Fat Loss / Necrosis

April 15, 2008
I'm reading all the 'fat loss' posts on the forum and I'm wondering if there have been reports of fat loss from other types of laser treatments.

I've started pixel laser resurfacing with Alma Laser and I'm due next week for my 2nd treatment. I've seen an improvement, so much so that I may not even get a u/l bleph. The appearance of my eyes is amazing. I've got fine lines under there, but that's nothing compared to the tired/puffy looking eyes I had before. I'll take the fine lines and consider myself very lucky to have come this far.

What may possibly cause fat loss with laser? The settings? The passes?

Which lasers have been reported to cause fat loss?

I did not experience fat loss thus far, can I expect to? Or would I have seen loss by now (4 weeks after 1st treatment)

Would it be prudent for me to request the same settings as I had the first time with each pixel treatment? Would this continue to give results, and lessen my chance of damaging the underlying fat to the point of loss? Does Pixel even cause this damage to underlying fat?

My pixel resurfacing is scheduled 4 weeks apart, is that sufficient?

I would really appreciate any information and insight you can provide. I've asked my PS and he himself has used the pixel, as well as the girls in his office (who are of all ages) and they look fantastic, but I'm a little worried after reading about the unfortunate experiences of some great ladies here. Surely you can understand the hesitation, I hope Smile

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

i don't have the pixel, but i do have thermage and that's the original fat necrosis device. don't worry. the fat loss that you're talking about was caused by overly aggressive settings. the protocols have been adted and the machines have been recalibrated so that this kind of thing does not happen. the treatment interval you're on sounds good.
you're fortunate that you're getting such good results. enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Pixel, Thermage and Fat Loss / Necrosis”

  1. Frances Scardino says:

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    I am somewhat confused as to which procedure would give me great results.

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    What would you suggest?



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  4. Ajapel says:

    I have experienced dermal atrophy with subsequent texture changes and wrinkling,and fat loss from an IPL treatment that also had a radiofrequency component. My derm told me that the settings were more aggressive which caused the atrophy. The radiofrequency can cause fat loss and dermal damage – period and obviously more likely with higher settings. The manuals for these machines don’t stress enough that the settings need to be turned down around the eyes and other thin skinned areas.

    1. Dr. Rivkin says:

      i agree. although i have personally never seen dermal atrophy and fat loss, the settings should certainly be more conservative around the eyes and other areas of thinner skin.

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