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If you're looking for a Botox Brow Lift in Los Angeles, you can take advantage of the expertly trained staff at Westside Aesthetics to get optimum results.



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    The Treatment
    Localized Botox
    A non invasive brow lift will rejuvenate the entire upper face and leave you looking rested and rejuvenated. This procedure is known to take years off of your appearance, with zero downtime and minimal pain, so it can easily be done during a lunch break.

    What You Want
    A Youthful Brow
    BOTOX® Cosmetic injections can create a lifting effect by relaxing the muscles that pull down on the eyebrows. This not only raises the ends of the eyebrows into a more pleasing arch, but also opens the eyes, making you look radiant and youthful.

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    “The staff is so lovely and friendly. The office is beautiful without feeling too stuffy. You can’t go wrong with who you choose to do Botox, fillers or other procedures. I’ve seen nurse Stefanie, Dr. Rivkin, and Dr. Cohen. They are all amazing!” – Cathy M

    What is a Botox Brow Lift

    Frown lines, forehead creases and sagging eyebrows can age a person faster than almost any other condition. A brow lift procedure will rejuvenate the entire upper face and leave you looking less tired and angry, as well as taking years off of your appearance. Traditional brow lift surgery involves an incision along the hairline from ear to ear, lifting the skin, and adjusting the muscles in the brow. More recently, the endoscopic brow lift procedure has become a popular alternative. Results are usually quite good. The incisions are small and in the hairline, but there is still downtime and surgical risk involved. The question remains, can Botox be used for the brow or forehead area? Of course!

    For his Los Angeles patients with mild heaviness to their brows, Dr. Rivkin recommends trying a combination of Botox Cosmetic and filler injections prior to going under the knife. Botox smoothes out wrinkles by weakening and relaxing the muscles that cause skin to wrinkle. More than just smoothing out worry and frown lines, Botox Cosmetic injections can create a lifting effect by relaxing the muscles that pull down on the eyebrows. This not only raises the ends of the eyebrows into a more pleasing arch (correcting a downward slanting “sad eyes” appearance), but also opens the eyes, reducing the “hooded” appearance so common in middle aged eyes. Dr. Rivkin and his staff also use fillers to fill in the volume loss in the brow that often comes with age. This loss of bone and soft tissue causes the lateral brow area to flatten out and the skin to sag down. Refilling the area lifts and re-suspends the skin, opening the eyes and raising the eyebrows. We usually use either Voluma or Radiesse in this area.

    Am I a Good Candidate for a Botox Brow Lift in Los Angeles?

    The Botox Brow Lift procedure is appropriate for mild brow drooping only. If you are a better candidate for surgical brow lift, Dr. Rivkin will discuss referring you for this operation during your consultation.

    The Botox Brow Lift Procedure

    With a Botox Brow Lift in Los Angeles, you can expect results to last 3-4 months and will notice improvement within 5-7 days. Final results should be apparent around 2 weeks. This is a procedure with zero downtime and minimal pain, so it can easily be done during a lunch break. We suggest that you do not manipulate the area for 4 hours after treatment. It’s also a good idea to limit your exercise and alcohol intake for several hours following treatment. Patients rarely experience anything more than mild bumps or redness, which diminish after an hour. However, it is possible to get a small bruise. In order to prevent bruising, it’s best to avoid blood thinners (such as ibuprofen, aspirin, Advil, Aleve, vitamin E supplements, fish oil supplements, flax seed oil supplements, ginko biloba and St. Johns wort.)

    Consultation with Los Angeles Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Alexander Rivkin



    Complimentary Consultation


    Pros and Cons of a Botox Brow Lift in Los Angeles

    This is a great procedure for anyone that wants lifted brows and an overall refreshed appearance quickly and easily, with no downtime. It is also a perfect option for those considering a surgical brow lift, but not ready to commit to a permanent change For patients with more severe heaviness in their brow area and deeper lines and wrinkles, the Botox Brow Lift may not provide the ideal correction. For these patients, a surgical brow lift may be the only way to go.

    At Westside Aesthetics, we believe in taking gradual steps to turn back the clock and defy aging gracefully. Dr. Rivkin and our other expert practitioners often suggest using various products and procedures in conjunction with Botox. Fraxel and Ultherapy work well for skin tightening and rejuvenation. When these procedures are done along with the Botox Brow Lift, patients experience greater improvement in their appearance and longer lasting correction. Other products that work nicely with Botox are injectable fillers such as Voluma, Radiesse or Sculpra. These fillers help restore lost volume in the face, providing a more youthful and radiant look. We have found that this comprehensive, noninvasive approach to beauty and aging delivers the very best results possible for our patients.

    During your free initial consultation, Dr. Rivkin will evaluate your unique needs and desired end results, explaining the procedure in detail. You will have the opportunity to view before and after photos, so that you will know exactly what to expect from the treatment.

    Dr. Rivkin’s patients know that they can get in touch with him at any time. He’s always in the office at Westside Aesthetics, and personally oversees every treatment. Dr. Robert Cohen, Stefanie Paige, RN and Maryam Younessi PA are also experts in this procedure. All of our practitioners have been extensively trained by Dr. Rivkin and are top injectors in the field.
    To learn more about BOTOX brow lifts for facial rejuvenation or to schedule a free makeover consultation in the Los Angeles area, contact us by phone or email today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions.

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