Thermage and Fat Loss

June 11, 2008
Dear Dr Rivkin,

I have read many horror stories of facial fat loss from Thermage on this site. I had two Thermage treatments - one last year and one in March this year as I was quite happy with the result from the first. My PS explained that instead of doing one session, another method is do to a lower setting and space these out over 2-3 sessions over several months. I had no anaesthetic and it did not hurt at all - a very warm but actually pleasant feeling.

If fat loss were going to happen, would this have happened by now, 3 months later?

Thank you

yes, don't worry about fat loss.
this was a side effect from over aggressive settings on thermage back when people really didn't know what they were doing.
the company has reconfigured the settings on the device since then and it is much safer now.
it sounds like they used conservative settings - my treatments are more aggressive and they usually hurt. if you got results, that's great, and don't worry - you're not going to see fat loss.

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