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What can I expect during recovery from a cosmetic injection?

March 22, 2008
What you can expect following a cosmetic injection depends not only on you and how your particular body reacts to the injectable, but also on the skill of the injector.

Bruising, swelling, redness and discomfort after injections vary with the patient and with the injectable agent used. That's true. However, a good injector will be able to dramatically reduce the likelihood of these after effects.

First he or she will communicate with you and determine what your downtime tolerance is. If you are going to an event in a few days, Radiesse would not be a good filler to use - there is too much of a risk of bruising and redness. If, however, you are prepared to tolerate some short term bruising but want a filler that lasts the maximum time, then some of the thicker, longer lasting agents may be what you will select. Communication between you and the physician or nurse is key. If you do not feel like you have it, you should go to another practitioner.

If the injector is gentle and knowledgeable, they will know subtle techniques that minimize bruising and redness. They would know the fillers and Botox well and how to inject without leaving a significant mark. They will also know how to achieve good results without alot of needle sticks. Experience is key.

Finally, the office should tell you what to expect, depending on the filler or injectable used. They should be happy to answer questions and they should respond to concerned phone calls with compassion and patience, even if they're busy.

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