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As a premiere cosmetic surgery clinic in Los Angeles, Westside Aesthetics has a well-earned reputation for experienced cosmetic surgeons, excellent staff, and quality care.
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Discover Alternative Cosmetic Surgery Solutions

Founded by Yale trained facial cosmetic surgeon Alexander Z. Rivkin, M.D, Westside Aesthetics excels at providing state-of-the-art non-surgical aesthetic procedures that compete with the outcomes of cosmetic surgery. In our Los Angeles office we specialize in delivering non invasive treatments in an intimate and luxurious setting. We aim for nothing less than outstanding, life changing cosmetic enhancements.

Our firm belief is that patients deserve to receive exceptional cosmetic care in a tranquil, luxurious setting, with no interruption to their busy lifestyles. Dr. Rivkin and the entire staff are dedicated to ensuring your experience is as easy and enjoyable as possible. Using the most advanced therapeutic skin therapies available today, each treatment provides optimal results with little or no recovery time.

At Westside Aesthetics, many of the revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic techniques were created by Dr. Rivkin himself, ensuring patients the very best care around. Unlike many other treatments, our techniques are designed to ensure natural looking, long-lasting results without significant pain, risks or recovery time.

A Global Authority

Dr. Rivkin is considered a global authority on non-surgical cosmetic treatments and is dedicated to utilizing the most effective FDA approved injectables available. He pioneered and popularized the Non-Surgical Nose Job™ (Injection Rhinoplasty) procedure in 2004. The technique has been adopted widely by doctors throughout the United States. He has also helped develop a number of other plastic surgery alternative procedures that are in widespread use all over the country.

Cosmetic Surgery Offered in Los Angeles

These procedures include:

Other facial rejuvenation treatments at Westside Aesthetics are

Welcome to Westside Aesthetics

Each year, we provide thousands of patients with alternatives to cosmetic surgery in our Los Angeles location, serving women and men who come from Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood and West Hollywood. Dr. Rivkin often sees patients who fly in from other states and countries to take advantage of his knowledge and experience with advanced non-surgical cosmetic solutions.

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