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Patients are always looking for cosmetic surgery reviews. In Los Angeles, it's no different, so take a look at what people are saying about us.
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Xoelena T.

If there were more doctors like Dr. Rivken the world would be a better place! He is truly a skilled artist in his craft as well as a patient and compassionate man. I went in after a botched nose job and he was able to help me love my face again and avoid the stress of a second rhinoplasty by giving me a non-invasive solution.

I cannot express how grateful I am! Not only did he save me lot’s of money but he helped me avoid the stress from the gamble of permanent surgery. This is a big deal folks! Your nose is in the middle of your face!

I admit I was not the easiest client but he managed me and my emotions. He comforted me by assuring me that if I did not like it I could go back in and he would fix it with no additional costs. He keeps his word too. I had him put filler in my nose because another doctor cut too much off and so Dr. Rivkin brought it out. Well I loved the result but after a couple months I wanted to fine tune it and he was in agreement with my opinion so went ahead and did it without charging me more on top of what I originally paid. He sincerely wanted me to walk out of his office satisfied.

The nose is such a pivotal feature that I got overwhelmed by the risks I faced. Dr. Rivkin not only put me at ease but he really did solve my concerns so much so that I don’t feel the need to get a second nose job. I highly recommend him! You should definitely meet with him before going under the knife. He is a very fair doctor. I really wish more doctors had as much integrity as he does.

5/5 Stars

Aguirre M.

Dr. Cohen was amazing and so was the rest of the staff!

First off, as soon as you walk in, they make you feel welcomed. From filling up some paper work, to the initial consultation, even the photo op, they were extremely courteous.

I had the non-surgical rhinoplasty with Dr. Cohen and believe me, it was the best decision I’ve ever had. Dr. Cohen was comfortable to talk to, he will ask you what you would wish to change within your appearance. He then will explain the procedure and what he recommends. If you wish to have the procedure performed the same day as your consultation, they are more than willing to arrange that.

After the consultation, I decided to get the procedure done the same day. After one of the staff members took my photo, Dr. Cohen  then applied a topical numbing cream on my nose and left it there for 20 min. After 20 min, Dr. Cohen then took me back to another room and started the non-surgical rhinoplasty using Voluma to build the bridge of my nose. The initial injection was a little uncomfortable (especially when injected at the tip of your nose), but then it subsides. The other injections are very tolerable thereafter.

A few minutes later I couldn’t believe it. I had a bridge on my nose! And the best part of it, it doesn’t look unnatural nor does it look like different person! I was extremely happy with the results. Thank you so much Dr. Cohen!!!

Tips: – Arrive early and if possible, try to find parking within the residential area since their parking lot is a bit pricey.

– Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re getting your consultation. Voice out your concern in regards to effects or longevity of the results. It’ll help better your experience when you’re aware of what to expect.

Again, to the whole staff of
Westside Aesthetics THANK YOU!

5/5 Stars


Dr. Rivkin is awesome!

He’s gifted at seeing and communicating what will help you appear more youthful. Not too much, not too little!

He’s a true artist with injectables.  Between my husband and I, we’ve had botox in the forehead, around the eyes, chin, and for bunny lines.  We also had an amazing result with a little voluma and juvederm under the eyes for hollows.  Oh! And a non-surgical nose job for hubby that looks perfect :)

We’ve been to other doctors that have left bruises, cost more money and didn’t get results half as good as Dr. Rivkin. He also saved my life when I stupidly had juvederm lip injections from a different practitioner when I was out of town and didn’t wait to get back to LA to see him. My results were horrifying. I looked ridiculous. Trout mouth– you get the picture. I was in Dr. Rivkiins office two days later crying about how mortified I was and he handled it perfectly. He injected an enzyme to dissolve some of the juvederm in my lips (I was so scared because I was told not to do that) and they looked PERFECT literally one minute later. I couldn’t believe my week of embarrassment was over.

Once you’ve been to Dr. Rivkin, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Thanks for your work, Doc!
5/5 Stars

Eva M.

They have a beautiful office and the staff are great! They answered all my questions, which I had many of. I saw Maryam who was fantastic! Very informative and caring, I could tell she definitely knew what she’s doing. Her prices are very good too. I’ll be going back to her for sure! The only downside is parking. The garage is really expensive and searching for street parking is chaotic at certain times during the day.
5/5 Stars

Kayla M.

Absolutely LOVED my experience here. I had 3 fraxel treatments done and am so so happy about the results. After years of cystic acne I was left with bad scarring which has pretty much been wiped away completely by the fraxel. Dr. Rivkin and his staff are kind and accommodating. Maryam who did my procedure is so sweet and knowledgeable and really put me at ease about the procedure. Highly HIGHLY recommend. Thanks guys!

5/5 Stars

Caroline P.

I went in yesterday for my touch up visit for Juvederm. He lifted my bridge up a bit more with a couple of injections in the tip (which I did not have done the first time). I am glad he suggested getting the tip enhanced as it balanced everything out a bit. I was already happy with my first visit but the second time in was even better :)
5/5 Stars

Carla C.

Writing a second review because I am so pleased with the results of my botox for TMJ treatment.  No longer suffering from chronic tension headaches and AMAZED by how much more I love the way I look.  I did not seek treatment for aesthetic reasons,  but after the treatment my jaw is no longer swollen from constant teeth grinding and I am so happy with the results.  I had never realized how much the TMJ had caused changes to the way my face appeared and the aesthetic improvement was a wonderful bonus.

5/5 Stars

Ben E.

Westside Aesthetics has been with out a doubt the most helpful place for me to get relief for my chronic TMJ disorder that causes severe headaches and teeth grinding.
Dr Rivkin and his staff are extremely friendly and professional. They have always been so kind to me and made me feel good.
There is a warm and upbeat atmosphere in the office and it always makes for a pleasant visit.
In the 8 or so years I have been a patient I have always had peace of mind knowing that after a treatment my headaches and teeth grinding will subside.
I highly recommend anyone suffering from TMJ or Bruxism to check out Dr. Rivkin at Westside Aesthetics so he and his staff can take care of you.

5/5 Stars

Ashley O.

Dr. Cohen saved my life.. My tmj is basically gone and he is just a wizard when it comes to knowing exactly where your pain is. Without having to tell him.

5/5 Stars

Ashley K.

My fiancé and I flew out to Los Angeles so that I could have a procedure that Dr. Rivkin offers for TMJ. I had both mandibles injected with Botox, with helps relax the muscles. After this procedure, I felt relief for the first time in longer than I can even remember.

Dr. Rivkin was extremely reassuring and professional with the entire procedure. I’ve read a few comments about him being cold, but frankly, he just struck me as a man who is no-nonsense, and knows what he’s doing. I really can’t say enough good, and I wouldn’t choose to have this procedure done by anyone else.

The only caveat is that I live in Montana, and due to the low dosage of my injection (first time, so he went rather conservative with the number of Botox units used), results and relief only lasted about 3 weeks before it reverted back to the original state.

Planning on booking my next round for the beginning of April. If you suffer TMJ, definitely give this a try. Even with the short amount of relief I had, it was WELL worth it; cost, travel and all.
5/5 Stars


Dr. Rivkin and his staff at Westside Aesthetics are the best in the business.  The office is modern and inviting, the staff are well trained, and they only use the best and latest equipment/products.  Everyone goes above and beyond their duties to make sure everything is done right and the patient is comfortable.  I have been coming here for years and am always pleased with the level of service and results after each visit.

5/5 Stars

Laura R.

Malia Is by far the BEST facialist i have ever been to.
I have even sent a few of my friends to her and they are all in agreement.
I love her custom facials, blue light and also the peels she does..i have gotten the Vitalize peel done with her a few times and nothing has transformed my skin like that has. She is amazing, she will tell you exactly whats going on with your skin, if you are having a break out she will tell you exactly what is causing the problem and advise you on how to treat it at home also. The place is beautiful and all the staff are super friendly i highly recommend it. It is very reasonably priced for the quality of service that is provided.

5/5 Stars


Stephanie is not just a consummate professional, she is also an artist in her profession.  I trust her completely.  I’ve been to a few other dermatology offices before Westside Aesthetics, but I always felt uneasy in those offices as it seemed that the others didn’t have the type of experience/answers that I was looking for.  Stephanie is very knowledgeable, and she when we decided on a treatment plan Stephanie even walked me over to the front desk and helped me figure out how to schedule what I needed.  She also went out of her way to contact me before my procedure and made sure I didn’t have any further questions or feel anxious at all.  And after the procedure Stephanie helped me pick out the right shade of makeup so I could go back to work with confidence.  I would highly recommend Stephanie for anyone who is interested!  She’s just wonderful.

5/5 Stars

Goli E.

I have been a client at westside aesthetics for years. They are professional, talented and very knowledgable. Maryam, the PA that has always taken care of all my needs has always made me feel comfortable and satisfied. Her approach is very conservative, natural and just fabulous!!! I have referred many friends and family ( including my mom ) to her and every referral has thanked me numerous times for referring them! She’s the best! The facility is the best!
5/5 Stars

Katherine K.

Not only is Westside Aesthetics amazing but their PA Maryam Younessi is hands down the best. I have done several treatments with her and she surpasses my expectations every time!! Not only is she extremely thorough and professional but she’s a total sweetheart and make me feel very comfortable every time I’m there. The facility is super clean and I can’t imagine going anywhere else!

5/5 Stars

Jennifer R.

Westside Aesthetics is amazing. Dr. Rivkin is great and his work is amazing. I have never met a nicer staff in any doctor’s office. I had juverderm injections done and Dr. Rivkin and his staff addressed all my questions and totally made me feel at ease.

5/5 Stars

Klaudia M.

I asked for appointment thinking they are dermatologists too. They told me they are not but still they checked me what it could be and recommended me a cream. 5 stars for that.
I ended up booking appointment for the oxygen facial with Malia. The best I have had until now. Malia is super pro and recommended what is best for my skin. Everyone is very friendly. Love the environment the place has. Their welcoming puppy is the best so far :) I will definitely come often!

5/5 Stars

Tanya Y.

I love this med spa! Great friendly service and knowledgeable staff. I have been in a few times in the past for microderm facials and they were great. This year I did a Cosmolan peel and a package Vela Shape. The peel worked really well. I was very worried about it as it was the first time I have had a peel and everything went exactly as they told me it would.

I have had 2 of my 5 Vela shape sessions so far and I LOVE them! It’s amazing

5/5 Stars

Karen N.

I am the sort of person who gets a bright idea about doing something then researches it for four months only to come up with dozens of reasons not to undertake the original endeavor.  Predictably, I have approached IPL and laser hair removal the same way, talking to many friends, googling and visiting several doctors before finally settling on Westside Aesthetics.  I am certain that there are a number of good doctors that offer similar services, but I felt comfortable with Westside Aesthetics because it offers:  courteous, informative people including reputable doctors with top-notch credentials, experienced aestheticians, and service-oriented staff; a wide range of services and products that seem fairly-priced; and posh facilities in a central Westside location.

Maryam administered my IPL and laser hair removal, and she has been extremely professional, informative and honest every step of the way.  She tailors the treatment to your comfort level and to your goals for the treatment.  Both she and Dr. Rivkin have been unduly patient with my endless questions.

As far as the treatments go, the laser hair removal worked perfectly.  The IPL has not been as effective in removing my sun/ age spots.  It did noticeably reduce pore size and improved skin texture, but the sun spots were my main goal, so I am not sure if I will continue.  Caveats are:  I have only tried two rounds, and I know many people who have found great success with the procedure.  I am in the process of torturing Maryam and Dr. Rivkin with a whole new round of questions about Cosmelan.  I will update if I ever take the plunge.

If you are looking for beauty/ spa services, Westside Aesthetics deserves consideration. They will take good care of you!

5/5 Stars

Petra S.

Super luxe med spa with excellent medical staff. Dr. Rivkin is an excellent doctor and has a friendly, easy going bedside manner.
Spa has a huge list of procedures it offers and the front desk staff is perfectly trained to help you choose.
When you imagine luxury Beverly Hills med-spa this is the embodiment of that idea.
West Side Aestethics offers a full range of procedures and products.
Highly recommended.

5/5 Stars

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