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We like to let our services speak for themselves--through our patients. Testimonials are a great way for patients to get a sense of how great they'll be treated at Westside Aesthetics.
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What Our Patients Say About Us

I can’t begin to describe just how wonderful my experience has been at Westside Aesthetics. Being a regular visitor for nearly a year now, I’m met each and every time by a wonderful staff of sweethearts who take care of everything from start to finish, from thorough reminder calls to compassionate care in the office before a procedure. I basically feel like family every time I walk in those doors, its just a happy place full of wonderful people.

Dr. Cohen is possibly one of the most genuine men you’ll meet on the planet, is an absolute professional at what he does, extremely patient and understanding, so much fun to be around, and takes his time working on whatever you would like to have worked on just as you want it. He’s worked a Michelangelo on me, and I can’t recommend him enough! You can’t choose a better place to be taken care of and look your best. Thank you Westside!!! :)
Shaunt K


Dr. Rivkin is highly skilled, compassionate and artistic! The staff that I’ve met so far Sarah, Brenda, Gina and Heather are professional, caring and make you feel “at home.” Expression lines that can make the face look tired and/or angry are reduced. The face is restored and looks younger and refreshed. Many other excellent procedures are available. The procedures are budget friendly and minimally invasive. No need to resort to the desperate measures taken by the Oscar Wilde character Dorian Gray.


I did a lot of research on the internet for a cosmetic doctor about my permanent bruising and uneven under eyes due to fillers. I made an appointment with Dr.Rivkin for a consultation based on reviews. Although I didn’t like waiting over an hour after my appointment time, at all, It was worth the wait. Dr.Rivkin spent the time LISTENING and asking questions regarding my eye. Instead of telling me he could fix or correct my under eye issue, for $$$$. He felt my issue required a specialist who really would know better and possibly correct my issue. I am African American, therefore my case may have required a different approach and treatment because of my brown skin and possible genetics. Kudos X 1 million for Dr.Rivkin. It wasn’t about taking my money but I felt he was acted with responsibility and with integrity. That’s huge to me. Thank you very very much Dr. Rivkin. I super appreciate you.
Dawn P


Everyone, is very pleasant. Maryam takes good care of me. I always feels comfortable and all my questions are always answered. So I never feel nervous and it’s a very pleasant experience. I have referred several people to Westside Aesthetics.
Monica V


Thank you, Westside for your professional,service – from the front desk, photo and numbing experience,
And my service from Nurse Stefani.
There are not enough complementary words in the dictionary to express how stellar Nurse Stefani is.
Her customer service skills are welcoming, friendly,
She is excellent in her skill and knowledge. In all she does!
Judy W


Everything was quick, clean, friendly and professional! Thank you, Stephanie!


Dr. Cohen is amazing and a life changer!
Alanna I


I’ve seen both doctors and both are excellent. The nurses and staff are very helpful and friendly too.


Appreciate Dr Rivkin’s ‘touch up’ without charging me anything.
Rachel P


Great for migraines Tmj. Beauty And honest about outcome and length of Last treatment!
Lea L


“Dear Dr. Rivkin,

I just wanted you to know how happy I am with the results of my latest treatment, especially with the lower 1/2 face. I look so much less worried (and a lot younger); the deep grooves I had on the upper forehead are gone too. Thank you for serving my desire to get rid of them! Great Job!!!”


“Hi Stefanie,

I was just in Indianapolis seeing my mom and she spoke so fondly of you, I wanted to relay the sentiment.

She really is grateful for all your honesty, professionalism and really just sweet nature. I am too, thank you!

I also wanted to share that she looks amazing.
The Ulthera has really done wonders.

Here is a pic of her below…thought you would want to see. ; )
Her eyelids have lifted a good bit!

I hope you are well and see you next time I am in the office.”


“Hi Stefanie,

I just wanted to thank you again for a really lovely experience yesterday. You were kind, patient and did EXACTLY what I was looking for…. I can tell, even at this early stage, that the Botox is so much better than my previous experience. The Juvederm on left side is perfect and the right hand side is great too, perhaps just needs a touch more… I’ll come back in a couple of weeks and get your opinion.

Again, I’m so happy to have found you. My results so far are outstanding!”


“I wanted softer, younger looking skin and was unhappy with the skin that was drooping above my right eye. I was becoming so self conscious about that that I started wearing sunglasses to hide it.

Dr. Rivkin spoke about the Active/FX procedure and said that it would probably help tighten the skin so I decided to try it.

The results were absolutely fantastic. Not only did my face look smother and tighter but it also eliminated almost 100% of the excess skin above the right eye. My skin looks and feels about 10 years younger.

And there has been another benefit. The frequency for Botox treatments has decreased dramatically.”


“Just made it home safely…Well, I just looked in the mirror. Is this how my face is going to look, but better in a few months??

My forehead looks poreless, smooth, and incredible!!! The dog bite scars…. Will it stay this way, because they have almost disappeared!!! On my cheek AND my mouth!!! My eyes are a bit puffy, but they look fantastic. I don’t want this to change! I want the swelling to stay! My cheeks look really great, too. I could see maybe one more treatment, and I will have the skin that I had when I was 10 years old!!! (I can’t stop using exclamation points, because I simply cannot believe how good I look). I’m a bit red, but that’s it. This may have just changed my life, and how I see myself. I want to cry and laugh, but I’m in too much shock and I’m afraid I will wake up and this will have gone away. This is too good to be true… Is it?

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the services provided at Westside Aesthetics. My appointment was yesterday at 3:00pm.

My non surgical nose procedure seems to good to be true, the results are amazing! Dr. Rivkin is so good at what he does, there was no pain, no swelling, no downtime!
It’s hard to believe that such a simple procedure can be so life changing! I only regret not knowing about it before my wedding date.

Can’t wait for the one month follow up and hopefully the Artefill in a year.”


“First of all, I’d like to say thank you for the complimentary second office visit. I can tell that you take great pride in your craft and care about what your clients want :)

Thank you so much for your skilled craftsmanship and an eye for such fine work. I just love my new enhanced look (nose)! I’m definitely going for the permanent look…looking forward to seeing you again in a few months.”


“Thank God that not all doctor’s are the same, although to find a plastic surgeon that is kind, honest, and caring is like finding a diamond in a sea of burt coal, good doctor’s do exist and I am talking about Dr. Rivkin, he truly is amazing and he is nobody’s puppet! Most doctors have already been “tipped” off about me by dr evil, my last doctor, but Dr. Rivkin is an angel, and he is my only hope to ever fix my face again. He did such a wonderful job!

Thank you Dr. Rivkin, you did help me so much and you do change lives. At least, you did for me, If it wasn’t for you I would be sulking in my misery with the face to match and God knows how depressed i would still be if i still looked like i did when i entered your office.

I believe that my results prove that there are many diamonds in the rough, and since i was “a diamond” before a botched procedure by my previous doctor left me looking very rough indeed, you helped to bring out the beauty that nature intended me to have.

I don’t think that you have seen my before and afters, it took a while for my face to heal and the filler to adjust but the results are breathtaking and i would like for you to include them in my medical files, and to proudly affirm the quality of work you do for us patients. Thank you :)

OMG- I’m soooooo over the moon happy!! Dr. Rivkin did an AMAZING job on my face! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and all the help you’ve given me!! I’m just so happy! This DEFINITELY gives me the self confidence that I was looking for for next weekend! If I get this show I will have you guys to thank for helping me get it :) Now I wish I could get the laser done tomorrow!

Thanks so much again Karen and please tell Dr. Rivkin that I said thank you so much too!”


“I really like the shape of my nose, Dr. Rivkin is an artist! Im glad i traveled over 6000 miles to see him. He has to be the best in the world at this procedure, i wouldnt want anyone but the best touching my nose.”
MR (London)


“I also highly recommend Dr. Rivkin for any and all procedures. I have been seeing him for approximately 3 years and his work is magnificent!!”


“Dr. Rivkin’s 10 Minute Nose Job is “Great.” I suffered from Saddle Nose Deformity as a result of a mistake from a sinus surgery. Two reconstructs later and it still wasn’t right. After reading an article about Dr. Rivkin we flew to Los Angeles and he worked his magic on me. I came back for the scheduled touch-ups and return for visits every 6 months. Don’t be afraid of any procedure from Dr. Rivkin – this man is highly skilled.”


“I just got a voicemail from Dr Rivkin asking how I am following my non-surgical procedure on Friday. I REALLY am touched to have the doctor himself calling for follow-up! Please tell Dr Rivkin that I am doing very well and that as far as I can tell about 99% of the swelling has gone down already. The first 48 hours after the procedure my nose was quite tender and I could discern swelling (no discoloration though). However, none of this was apparent to others. Put simply: I was more self-conscious about the infected mosquito bite on my cheek than I was about the swelling of my nose!

What an ingenious way of treating people – Dr Rivkin is a 21st century Michelangelo of sculpture!

I look forward to my follow-up appointment in 10 days.”


“Dr. Rivkin,

Just a word for suggesting Botox in my lip area on my last visit June 27th The difference and improvement was just outstanding. I am telling all my friends.

You are the Best.”
Georgina G.


“Hello Dr. Rivkin,

I saw you for botox injections two days ago in the afternoon. I just wanted to say that this was the first time I have come out bruise free! Thank you for that. I love the results. I wish I would have found you sooner.

Thanks again!”


“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave me when I was in southern Cal a few weeks ago. You were the only office that responded to my email, and actually I’m grateful. I love my Fraxel & will plan more treatments. Thanks again for your professionalism, your friendly atmosphere and your patient care.
P. G.


“It was so very nice to see you today. Thank you very, very much for all your help in making me beautiful!!! I am so very pleased with the laser treatment. I’m going to be your walking billboard. I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.”


“Dear Dr Rivkin,

I would like to thank you very much for helping me get a better nose which gives me more confidence of myself. I like it so much that I don’t think I need a follow-up appointment, since I am in Houston and so far away from your place. Am I ready for Artefill for next year yet or do I have to wait for anything else? Again thank you very much and have a good day.”


“Hi Dr. Rivkin!

I have been meaning to write you and thank you again for giving me such solace. I know that I am in good hands! Although I am still a bit funny about taking photo’s at different events, I know with your help my confidence will only grow! I will do my best to come see you soon. Thanks again! And sending you and your family the very best!”


“I have had multiple jaw issues one of them being Bruxism which just served to make the rest of my jaw issues worse (the inability to talk or eat without severe pain). Although I have worn a night guard for many, many years I continued to grind. I had heard Botox might be helpful but was also told by my doctor that it wouldn’t. However, I eventually found Dr. Rivkin and upon watching the link to the ABC, Channel 7 TV segment I decided to give it a try.

It has really made a significant difference. I noticed the difference immediately and in the ensuing weeks it has gotten progressively better. I no longer wake up with a sore jaw and the muscles are definitely not in spasm like they were. I figure it didn’t happen overnight and it will take a while for the muscle to relax. Also my neck and scapula issues have reduced which was unexpected. My chiropractor did tell me that it was probably related to the Bruxism and apparently she was right.

Over the years I have tried multiple night guards ranging from $400 to $600, a total spent on guards of $1,500 and that doesn’t include the $5,000 I spent (out of my own pocket) for the ‘special guard’ that was supposed to re-align my jaw but didn’t work. Besides, before putting out that kind of money it makes more sense to try this less expensive method. I wish I had.

I can honestly say this has been a Godsend to me and hope that if you find others with this problem that you remember this and at least give them the information so that they have another option. Bruxism is also one of the main culprits in headaches.”


“I cannot say enough positive things about Dr Rivkin and his staff. I’m a guy, so getting any work done freaked me out! I definitely didn’t want to look like a lady, and everyone in the office was very understanding. I originally had the non-surgical rhinoplasty and was very happy with the results. No pain, no downtime, and MUCH more affordable than actual revision surgery. Now that I’m moving on up into my thirties, I’ve been back to visit a few times; and every time has been a great experience. I come away with natural looking results that all my friends are envious of. And I recently had new headshots done… for the first time in years I didn’t have to “photoshop” under my eyes. It’s like Dr Rivkin is real life photoshop!”


“Donna was amazing and so professional. I never felt nervous or surprised during the entire procedure.

Please pass along to her my gratitude.”


“Thank you so much for making my Fraxel treatment so easy. I can already see results from the treatment and I am so pleased!

You were very thorough and considerate from start to finish. The front desk staff was also a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks again, and see you soon!”


“Already I LOVE the Botox and juvaderm. You did an amazing job. Thank you once again Stefanie!! You have done so much for myself esteem in the last month. :)”


“Dr. Rivkin was one of the presenters at the 2011 Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas when I won my first award for best facial injectable enhancement. The comments he made about my work on stage were more valuable to me than the trophy. Also his instruction at the 2012 show, in the injectables hands on course, was excellent, and I really appreciate his time, patience, and sharing of knowledge. He gave me specific instructions on botox for TMJ, which was a technique that I had never done before. Thanks to Dr. Rivkin, my sister has finally gotten relief from the worst case of TMJ that I have ever seen. She has suffered severely for over five years and been to numerous specialists and tried everything short of surgery, which was recommended to her, but she was afraid. Now she has been pain free for two months for the first time in as long as she can remember.”
L.C., MD


“Dear, Dr. Rivkin.

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that I found you. It’s the first time in thirty years I don’t cringe when I look at my nose in the mirror. Your skill and artistic eye are truly fantastic. I look forward to the future when you can make the change permanent.”


“I first came to visit my daughter in California in 2013. I was a 65 year old woman who lived in Indiana and got regular facials but had never had a procedure beyond a facial on my skin. I have always walked regularly but wasn’t great with my diet and as a result had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

My daughter encouraged me during my stay to meet with Stefanie, an amazing nurse at Westside Aesthetics to consult on my skin. I was timid to try anything new, including Botox, but willing to discuss it. I’ve been married for 40 years and just was used to looking ‘my age’ and feeling ok about it. I also am on a budget and can’t spend the kind of money I thought most could in Los Angeles.

After meeting with Stefanie and feeling so comfortable that I was in good hands, I decided to have Fraxel done on my full face and also Ulthera (face and neck). I actually enjoyed the procedures so much that before I left, I had fillers and Botox done as well as Fraxel on my chest. They were not as painful or scary as I had read about and the results were just incredible.

I went home feeling like a new woman and was inspired to take better care of my skin and my body. I began exercising with weights and trying spin classes. I also decided to not restrict calories but change the kinds of foods I was eating. I knew what I put in my body, impacted all of my organs including my skin. Westside Aesthetics had inspired me to be better inside and out and keep up my new look!

I started to see results from the work done at Westside Aesthetics and got better about my daily skincare routine. I got regular peels and facials and I planned a trip back the next year.

One year later and 15 lbs thinner, I came to Stefanie again and had Fraxel, Ulthera and Botox again. I also purchased more skincare product from Westside and joined my daughter in more workouts and healthy foods.

My new face and now body, without surgery, gave me a new look on life. I saw her doctor and was taken off my cholesterol meds and two of my blood pressure meds. I am getting attention from men at my gym and my husband compliments me often. I have more energy and am more social and can say, I am a happier woman now.

I turn 67 years old this year. I have now has lost 30 lbs and people say I look closer to my 50s. I can tell you that the investment on my skin and now my health is the best thing I have ever done in my life. I only wish I had started earlier!

Westside Aesthetics didn’t do all of this but they did inspire me to be better to myself. I hope to continue coming and seeing Stefanie every year and see a local doctor in Indiana for Botox and facials in between. I think Westside is the best doctor’s office I have been too and they are so nice and make you feel comfortable. I love visiting and hope to be back soon.”
Judy K


“Hello. i was a model at the aesthetics show. at the last minute Dr. Rivkin did his magic with a non surgical nose job on me. AMAZING!!! thank you Dr. Rivkin, i can not believe the difference you made in a matter of minutes.”


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