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Artefill Nose Jobs and VeraFil for lip enhancement

January 23, 2008
Hi Dr. Rivkin:

Happy New Year to you. I have several questions on the above subject matter.

1. Artefill used as non-surgical nose job: What are the limits with Artefill as compared to traditional rhinoplasty for building height to the bridge and tip of the nose ?
For example: If I wanted a higher bridge for my nose or a lift at the tip of my nose - can Artefill produce these results or Rhinoplasty can yield "height" better ? Or the limits are dependent on the patients actual nose ?

2. What are your thoughts on Perma and VeraFil for the nose, lips, and face and will you be offering them in the future in your practice ? If you don't offer/perform this can you refer a doctor in CA. that does ?

Thank you and I look forward to your reply shortly.

1. lifting the height of the bridge will depend on the individual patient. if you've had surgical rhinoplasty before, your skin will be scarred and it will not lift up nearly as easily as it would otherwise. i like to maximize lift by bringing people back 2 to 4 weeks after the intitial procedure to add to the bridge for more height. i can usually get a couple of mm on an unoperated on nose.

2. i'm suspicious of implants. you can't control the shape nearly as well and the chances of the lips looking unnatural is much higher. i would never consider something like that for the nose. the advantage of injections is that i can shape the lips according to the individual anatomy of the patient. i find it hard to believe that a pre-made implant can look good on everyone.

hope that helps

2 thoughts on “Artefill Nose Jobs and VeraFil for lip enhancement”

  1. Ben says:

    Dear Dr. Rivkin,
    The tip of my nose droops when I smile. I was wondering how effective injectables(specifically artefill) would be in ameliorating this situation. Also, because when you smile, muscles pull on the tip of your nose, would this cause any dislocation of the injected material?

    1. Dr. Rivkin says:

      artefill is a good filler to lift the tip of the nose. it will take several sessions, but it will work. the movement of the muscles will not displace the product and we can always use botox to weaken those muscles if they are contributing to the droop.

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