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Dr. Rivkin on NBC4

May 7, 2008

Westside Aesthetics on Local Los Angeles News

In this segment on NBC4 Local News, Dr. Alexander Rivkin is featured. He discusses his non surgical techniques and procedures.

Transcript of Dr. Rivkin on NBC 4

When it comes to plastic surgery, nose jobs are still one of the most popular procedures, but there is a way that some people can change the look of their noses without the pain, the price, and the recovery time of surgery. Channel 4’s Chief Medical Editor Dr. Bruce Hensel shows you what it is?

Kathleen Montes got teased when she was a child because of her broken nose.

“Me and my younger sister were playing, she accidentally kicked me and this the end result.”

Now that she is grown up, she wanted to get it fixed but she did not want a conventional nose job, major surgeries sounded painful and risky.

“The breaking of the nose, the swelling of the eyes. If something wasn’t done right, it can be worse.

That is what you heard about Dr. Alexander Rivkin, who is performing what he calls non-surgical nose jobs. He adjusts the appearance of the nose with injections normally used to fill wrinkles.

“The eye is attracted to irregularity so its an illusion and if you make that element more in harmony with the rest of the face you don’t have to make it smaller, you just have to make it more in harmony.”

With only a little numbing cream and no general anesthesia Kathleen remained awake as Rivkin molded her nose with the injections, which contained Radiesse. The filler made in the lab using the same material that is in tooth enamel.

“So when there is like a bump that suddenly comes up in the nose, if you put filler around that bump, it is more of a gradual slope, you don’t see it, your eye doesn’t notice it anymore.”

The procedure only lasts 15 minutes, although the results are not as permanent as surgery. It may last around 3 years.

“It is nice to be able to do something that can adjust, as you change.”

These before and after photos show the results on other patients. Two weeks after Kathleen’s surgery, the swelling disappeared. People have noticed the change.

“You don’t see the big old bump in the middle of my nose and it looks more of a cleaner sleeker look. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is and that is exactly the look I was going for.”

With all the beautiful people in LA, sometimes noses are not enough, so Rivkin is injecting gels in chins as well. Ask your doctor if this procedure is right for you? If it is, it may be the non-surgical way to get the nose you have always wanted.

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