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Dr. Rivkin on TODAY

June 12, 2012

Non Surgical Nose Job Demonstrated on Live Television

By demonstrating the non surgical nose job on live television, Dr. Alexander Rivkin shows just how wonderful, versatile, and quick this procedure can be in front of an audience of millions of people.

Transcript of Dr. Rivkin on TODAY

We will be talking this morning about the non-surgical nose job that you can get in 30 min or less. We are going to head over now to New Jersey where Dr. Alexander Rivkin is about to start his work on Ms. Kotar Dee who has hated her nose all of her life and wants to do something about it. Our senior correspondent Janice Silverman is there too.

“Hey, Janice, How are you?

“Good morning! and now forget the scalpel, forget the long recovery, this non surgical nose job promises similar results. Take a look at some before and afters.”

We are here with Dr. Alexander Rivkin who developed this non-surgical nose job.

“Tell me what you are going to do on Ms. Kotar Dee? Who says she does not like her nose, although I think she is beautiful anyway.”

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “She is. What we are going to do is just camouflage this bump a little bit by filling in a little bit of filler right up on top here so that we give her a straight nose. Once we straighten out her nose it will be more in harmony with her face and will blend in”.

“So this is a natural filler, it is called Radiesse”. How long do you anticipate it will last?”

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “I would say it is going to last about two-and-a-half years. It is kind of like taking a new nose out for a test drive. So, I think, that it would last for about two-and-a-half years and it is nice result, cosmetically.”

“And Kotar how do you feel?”

“I feel excited already.”

“Why you are doing this?”

“Because it has always been just one part of my nose that has bothered me, I never really liked my profile or anything and hopefully this will improve that”

“And you do not want to go through surgery?”

“No, no, no personally I think there are too many complications that go along with surgery and this was noninvasive and you know after two and half years or three years if I like it I can keep going and if I do not like it I have to do it again.”

“And she has been numbed, so she should not feel any pain, correct.”

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “This is a very low pain kind of thing.”

“All right, we are going to check that, within half an hour and tell you how she did seeing her before and after, see if everybody is happy, and if there was any blood or pain here.”

“Sounds good.”

“Sounds good?”

Sounds good.”

“Dr. Rivkin I have a few questions, this is David, this is not only less painful, is it lot of less expensive than traditional rhinoplasty?”

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “Yes, it is lot less expensive, about a 1/10 of the cost actually.”

“About a 1000$?

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “Yes, 1000$ and it is a much easier procedure.”

“Janice can I ask a question?

“It is interesting in terms of filling up the part that would give the nose a straighter line, but what if you want to reduce the size of your nose? that obviously does not require a filler. How do you do that non-surgically?”


Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “The interesting thing about it is that what makes the nose look particularly noticeable and look particularly large is if there is an irregularity. Not just, say, that the nose is not nice, but there is an irregularity.”

“I understand what you are saying. So the indentation draws more attention to the size, because it serves as a contrast.”

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “Correct. And once you make it straight and once you make it more in harmony with rest of the face, it kind of blends in and it looks smaller.”


“Alright, we are going to check back with you guys, keep doing what you are doing. Do not stop.

“We will check back on them a little bit later.”

“Alright. Thanks to all of you.”

“And later we will see how that non-surgical nose job in 30 minutes or less is going.

But first, however we are going to check in and see how that non-surgical nose job is going, does it really work? It has been less than half an hour since Dr. Alexander Rivkin got started. Now lets see what his patient Coulthard looks like now. Janice Silverman is there is too.

“Janice, how did it go?

“It went pretty well. We are back at the Parker Center in Paramus they are lending us some space so the LA doctor Dr. Rivkin can continue his work. Lets go to the before and after, I think you are going to be amazed! Okay, and let see the after.”


“Pretty impressive. What do you think guys?

“Wow! Looks great. I think she looked beautiful before, because I like prominent noses, but I just what to know, Kotar how you look and how are you feeling?”

“Yea, she has not seen it yet.”

“Oh, she has not?”

“Are you ready?”


“No. This is a big reveal.”

“Oh! Wow!

“No, it looks great!. It is just so different, you have to get used to it, you know.”

“How do you feel?”

“Ah! I feel refreshed.

“We have to be honest. She did get a little bit sick in the middle, which we did not show, but she has recovered and she is doing great.”

“Yea, it did not really hurt or anything, I just started to feel nervous, I felt really hot and dizzy but, it feels great actually, I am very happy with it.”

“And you can always change whatever happens, if you are not happy with the nose you can do a little bit of adjusting?”

“Oh yea. Always, always. I always bring people back about two weeks afterwards to see how it is, two touch ups, you know to make sure if they are perfectly happy.”

“This is going to last two-and-a-half years?”

“Yea, two-and-a-half years.”

“Dr. Rivkin, I just had a question about how this injection actually works? We look at the results, which is clear to see to the eye, but what is actually happening inside the nose that works so well?”

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “Well, what happens is, to camouflage the area, the irregularity of the nose, I just put (the Radiesse) into very precise points. The injectable goes in and it acts kind of like a mesh, kind of like a scaffolding and the body cells grow into it and they are really anchored into place. It provides a nice fill in the specific areas that you need. It is a kind of sculpture, you know, you are going to sculpt (the Radiesse) into place and make sure that (the nose) looks nice and straight.”

“What happens to it? Where does it go into the body afterwards?

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “Afterwards, it stays in place for about two years or two-and-a-half years and in the last month, it kind of slowly breaks down and it just dissipates. It goes away and (the nose) goes back to just the way it exactly the way it used to be.”

“Like Cinderella.”

“Is this going to be available nation wide very quickly, Dr. Rivkin?”

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: “Yes, I am starting to train people very soon, and I am hoping that you know nation wide people are going to start doing this.”

“Alright. Well.”

“I think it would be a great procedure to do.”

“That was interesting to watch and I am glad that everybody is happy with the results because Kotar if you had not been happy that would have not been a good thing on a live television. So, congratulations! and thanks so much for doing it for us this morning both of you Dr. Rivkin and Kotar. Janice Silverman always thanks to you as well.

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