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Genius Latisse Tips for Next-Level Lashes

March 7, 2016

The first thing you notice when looking into Gina Simli’s eyes is that her eyelash extensions are incredibly on point. They’re long, they’re full, they’re what most of us hope for when buying the latest formulations of lengthening and defining mascaras.

Except Gina’s incredible lash look doesn’t come by way of extensions or super-powered mascara. They’re a product of Latisse—an FDA-approved solution that keeps lashes in their growth phase for an extended period of time. Gina has used the prescription growth serum every day since it first hit the market seven years ago. She has also seen its benefits in other patients as a medical esthetician at Westside Aesthetics, making her an optimal resource for lashes done right.

Here, she shares her pro tips for getting enviously long lashes, the Latisse way.

Get the Facts: “Everyone who comes in asks, ‘doesn’t Latisse turn your eyes brown?,’” Gina says. She understands how the rumor got started; its active ingredient, bimatoprost, is used in glaucoma treatment. And in that treatment, patients pour the ingredient directly into their eyes every day; some patients experienced darkening eye colors, with blue eyes changing to shades of brown. “Latisse, however, is used by placing the serum on top of the lash line, not pouring it into the eye. In clinical trials, eye color didn’t change because it’s applied with a brush just above the upper lash line,” Gina explains. “I remind people to get the gossip out of their heads.”

Upgrade Your Application Tool: Latisse comes bundled with individually-wrapped brushes for sanitary application. While they work to deliver the product to the base of the upper lashes along the lash line, Gina prefers to use a clean, fine-point eyeliner brush to apply the solution instead. “The packaged brushes can collect product. But a liner brush is thinner, holds less product and allows me to be more precise—something that makes a prescription last longer,” she says. If using your own brush, Gina stresses an important point: “application has to be sanitary, so the brush must be clean.”

For Best Results, Be Faithful: Gina’s best tip for getting the most from the lash growth serum? “Be regimented with it. If you only do it once in awhile—say, using it once a week—it doesn’t give the greatest results,” she says of the solution that is proven to provide semi-permanent results. Gina recommends applying Latisse every night before bed to make the most of your lash growth.

Expect to Raise Eyebrows: “People always ask me if my lashes are real,” Gina confesses. “Yes, they’re real.” Not only are Gina’s lashes real, she’s noticed that they’ve become darker, thicker and longer than before she started using Latisse. But it’s this benefit that speaks to the lazy girl in us all: “I can go out of the house without applying mascara,” she notes.

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