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Is Aquamid OK to Mix With Radiesse For Chin Enhancement?

November 28, 2008
Hi Dr. Rivkin,

I have had radiesse injections in my chin (as I have a very weak chin, specifically I have had 2 syringes)....
When Acquamid is FDA approved can I use it over my radiesse to get a permanent chin? I am assuming that some of the radiesse would have faded though some of it would still be there. I am worried about waiting for the radiesse to completely fade as I really really need a stronger chin.

So are there any risks in injecting acquamid over radiesse?
Thanks in advance.

good question.
the company does not recommend combining other fillers with aquamid.
reports from people who use alot of aquamid and, by necessity, have combined it with other fillers have been that it is no problem.
i have not had experience with the product outside the fda trials (where there was no mixing) but i do not see a reason why it would be a problem. companies usually recommend no mixing to avoid liability, but clinically we have not seen this to be an issue.
also, i expect that aquamid will be an excellent tool for facial sculpting and chin augmentation. the reports from abroad all attest to that.
hope that helps

6 thoughts on “Is Aquamid OK to Mix With Radiesse For Chin Enhancement?”

  1. jerryack says:

    Hi Dr.,

    My wife is currently in Bangkok considering cosmetic surgery (eyes mostly, and around the nose). The Dr there is recommending Aquamid. She is Asian and we live in Santa Monica. Is it a good idea for her to have the surgery there (we know many who have had good success) and what about Aquamid? I've read some horror stories along with the good results.

  2. Dr. Alexander Rivkin says:

    I have a limited experience with Aquamid as part of the FDA trial. That being said, I think that it is a really nice filler in the right hands. I think that the most important thing your wife has to do is to make sure her surgeon is very experienced injecting Aquamid and to ask for his before and after pictures to prove it. Aquamid will be approved here at the end of next year. Are you guys sure you don't want to just wait until it gets approved here and do a temporary filler in the meantime? I do not think that Aquamid should go under the eyes, by the way. If I were you, I would get the filler parts done here – its not that expensive and the risk is much less.

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    1. Dr. Rivkin says:

      i would be wary of mixing aquamid with anything. in fact, i would see if there are other options aside from aquamid if possible, for facial sculpting. the material needs to be studied more to determine the rate of side effects.

  4. T Andrews says:

    i recently had aquamid injections in my upper lip, and chin in buenos aires.
    we used it to get rid of a cleft in my chin.. it’s almost gone, but a small dimple
    now remains. my surgeon is very conservative and err’d on the side of caution.

    my problem is that i live in NYC. do you know if trials are still going on, and could i still participate in them? or would you be able to lead me to a Dr that can do the injection? my surgeon would sent me a fresh syringe if i find someone in the U.S.

    T. Andrews

    1. Dr. Rivkin says:

      the clinical trial is over and it does not look like aquamid will ever be approved in the US. i think the rates of complications were too high. the product is not fda approved, so by definition, anyone injecting it in this country would be breaking the law. sorry about that. and i would not recommend putting anything else in the area. interactions of other fillers with aquamid are potentially risky.

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