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Make it Ageless: Preventative Aging Treatments for Twenty-somethings

January 22, 2016
“My main goal is working toward not wearing much face makeup,” says Sarah Prevost, a twenty-something medical esthetician at Westside Aesthetics. “I want skin to glow naturally, have even tone and to feel confident.” Don’t we all?

Her battle plan: A trio of proven in-office, no-to-low downtime anti-aging treatments that not only fight wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, but delay their creation altogether. “People my age don’t think about doing these things yet—especially when it comes to using lasers,” she says. “They think, ‘my skin looks OK.’ But waiting too long can create whole other issues to correct.”

For her part, Sarah is not only proactively delaying the signs of aging, she’s maintaining skin so radiant that’s changing her day-to-day makeup game. “I used to wear foundation, concealer and powder every day. I felt I needed it to leave the house,” she reveals. “Now, I just use a little concealer, powder and blush, and I feel more comfortable going out without makeup on which is big.”

Sign. Us. Up. Here is her recipe for must-have treatments that not only makes skin naturally shine, but helps push back the clock, to boot:

Preventative Botox: Many might think Botox is something saved for more senior years, like wearing pearls or kitten heels. But after decades of research and use, doctors and medical estheticians like Sarah Prevost know that when injected before wrinkles appear, Botox has the ability to prevent deep worry lines from forming. “Injections in the forehead and between the eyes relax the muscles so deep lines don't form over time,” she says. Sarah started getting preventative Botox at 26 years old and receives injections every four months. “I still have movement in my forehead,” she affirms. The treatment may not be detectable now, but it’s doing wonders to lighten her future wrinkle footprint. “If you start young, you won’t have to correct as much in the future,” she says.

Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment: Sarah cites this “facial on steroids” as one of her must-have maintenance treatments for delaying visible signs in the aging process. “The laser pokes little holes in the skin,” she explains. “As skin heals, it promotes the skin’s natural creation of collagen and elastin.” Sarah completes the Clear and Brilliant treatment every couple of months.

Vi Peel: Peels are a safe and proven way to exfoliate skin, stymie hyperpigmentation and induce that ever-elusive glow. Sarah’s peel of choice? “The Vi Peel,” she explains. “It has a cocktail of acids that tackle acne scars and sun damage. It also stimulates collagen production in the skin to help slow the signs of aging and is good for all skin types.” Over a series of sessions, benefits mount: pores look smaller and nascent fine lines appear smoother. After undergoing the treatment (one that Sarah does twice a year), expect to skin to peel for up to a week afterward, as dead skin cells and dull outermost layers of skin are shed. “Have a staycation and avoid sun exposure,” Sarah suggests. In the end, skin will not only glow like an A-lister, but its cumulative collagen stimulation will help skin retain its youthful look.

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