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Non Surgical Nose Job on Extra!

September 7, 2008

Dr. Rivkin on Extra!

In this segment on the popular television show Extra! Dr. Rivkin discusses the non surgical nose job, a painless way to get the nose you want.

Transcript of Dr. Rivkin on Extra!

Coming up Extras Extreme Makeovers, no surgery required. Like this Non-Surgical Nose Job.

They want to take their nose for a test drive.

Lifts, tucks, liposuction. Plastic surgery is an American obsession. But what if you can take years off your face and get that movie star glow without ever going under the knife. There is no recovery time. Now on Extras Extreme Makeovers, No Surgery Required. She hated the bump in the nose, now it is gone. Thanks to the painless new non‑surgical nose job.

You watch the before and the after.

“It did even hurt.”

Extras Extreme Makeovers, No Surgery Required

Hi! Everyone welcome to the Extras Extreme Makeovers, No Surgery Required. I am Cameron Mathison, and you know my beautiful co-star Eva Larue .

“Thank you very much Cameron. No body understands the demands of looking good like soap actors and this weekend we are proving that you don’t need surgery to get picture perfect results.

First up an amazing procedure, if you don’t like your nose. Jerry examines the non-surgical nose job. It is the most prominent feature on your face and everybody wants a perfect nose. Now you can say good-bye to scalpels, chisels and saws. Thanks to one doctor’s ground breaking surgical technique, you can have that perfect nose without the hammer or the pain.

“People are very excited about the possibility of you know of some other options, besides from going under the knife.”

Dr. Alexander Rivkin of the Westside Aesthetics, Los Angeles developed the non‑surgical nose job as a temporary option for people who are having nasal irregularity or bump on their nose, but are not sure about surgery just yet.

“They want to take their nose for test drive you know they want to see what is it going to be like and then they have the option after a six months is done to get something more permanent.

Jennifer Tahbaz liked the shape and size of her nose except for one little thing.

“I am not going to make it any bigger or any smaller. I just want this bump to go away.”

A conventional nose job cost about $5000 and takes months to fully recover from the swelling. Dr. Rivkin’s procedure runs anywhere from $500 to $800 and the whole thing takes only about 10 minutes.

Okay! This is how it works. Instead of cutting, Dr. Rivkin injects a gel known as Restylane, then

sculpts it around the bump.

“The fact pf it is to camouflage the bump without making the nose seem larger, without changing the overall shape of the nose.”

You can see the difference immediately. Check out this before and after pictures and Jennifer thinks it is well worth it.

“It did not even hurt. There was no pain. It was painless. I didn’t believe it, I was so happy. There is no bump!”

With savings and results like these, looks like Dr. Rivkin is reshaping surgery as we know it.

Okay, so, you fixed your nose and you look in the mirror and you think that “Yeah! My face would need a little lift as well.

John Kelly is going to introduce us to the woman the stars are turning to.

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