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Non-Surgical Procedures

Dr. Alexander Rivkin helped innovate many of the non-surgical procedures in Los Angeles that are now common. He's among the best and most experienced cosmetic surgeons who specialize in non-surgical procedures.
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Where it All Started: Non Surgical Procedures in Los Angeles

There are certain changes to the face that have been traditionally performed surgically: rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelifts, necklifts and so on. But surgery generally involves trauma, which can be quite painful, and a long recovery, which can keep you from seeing the gratifying results for—sometimes—months. To us at Westside Aesthetics, this was far from the ideal way of getting results. Dr. Rivkin, then, began to innovate the non-surgical nose job™ and helped usher in the modern era of non-surgical cosmetic procedures taking the place of traditionally surgical treatments.

The non-surgical nose job™ really helped to start it all. During this procedure, an alternative for those looking for rhinoplasty but unwilling or unable to cope with the traditionally surgical procedure, Dr. Rivkin will generally use a dermal filler to increase the volume of your nose. He will then will shape that volume in order to generate a pleasing profile or shape to the nose. Patients often rave about the results, even more so because they did not have to go through the ordeal of surgery and recovery and because they get to enjoy their results immediately.

While it may have started with the nose, these non-surgical procedures quickly expanded, as patients loved being able to get great results without the pain of surgery. This is why Dr. Rivkin also helped to innovate procedures such as non-surgical facelifts and non-surgical blepharoplasty in Los Angeles. These procedures are now performed at Westside Aesthetics by Dr. Rivkin, bringing these treatments to many of our patients, who love the results.

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Non-Surgical Procedures Offered at Westside Aesthetics in Los Angeles

We offer a wide variety of non-surgical procedures, including the following:
Non-Surgical Cheek Enhancement: If you don’t like your cheeks, this procedure can be a great option. A non-surgical cheek enhancement can help you achieve a look that includes fuller, more youthful looking cheeks. Many of our patients love this treatment.
Non-Surgical Facelift: A facelift is a great way of turning back the clock, but it can also include substantial downtime when performed surgically. A non-surgical facelift can get you similar results with instant gratification—and without a lengthy downtime.
Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction: Sometimes, the muscle structure of your jaw isn’t quite what you want it to be. In these cases, we often recommend a non-surgical jaw reduction, where we can use something like Botox to bring the swelling of the muscles down.
Non-Surgical Nose Job™: Often called non-surgical rhinoplasty, this procedure lets you reshape your nose using dermal fillers. It’s one of our most popular procedures and Dr. Rivkin is well-known for getting great results with non-surgical rhinoplasty.
Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty: The eyelids often get accumulate excess tissue as we age. Non-surgical eyelid lift procedures can help you look more alert, more youthful, and even happier.
Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement: We can also use dermal fillers to help you get the chin you want. Especially if you find your chin lacking or weak-looking. This helps bring your entire face into better balance.
Non-Surgical Self Harm Scar Revision: We now offer a this new procedure for people suffering from self harm. With reduced or no cost, Dr. Rivkin can revise self harm scarring and reduce their appearance.

Get Your Non-Surgical Procedure Today

If you’re looking to get started on your transformation but you don’t want to go through the hassle of surgery, these non-surgical procedures are an inviting alternative. Get started today by contacting us and scheduling a consultation.

A non-surgical procedure offers you a painless way to get the look you want.

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