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Sleazy advertising

August 29, 2011
I recently saw an article about deceptive advertising practices in the aesthetic industry. They mentioned a "branded facelift procedure" company as an example of unethical and deceptive ads. Of course, it was LifestyleLift - the aesthetic industry leader in sleazy advertising, overpromising, poor quality control and pressure tactic sales.

Here is a screen shot from their website.

lifestyle lift

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Notice the amazing before and after image, but don't overlook (its easy to do so) the tiny print, partially obscured disclaimer that reads "patient benefited from the face, neck and skin firming procedures and laser skin treatment"

In other words, this patient had a whole bunch of procedures done (and her after pictures were probably photoshopped, but that's another story) and her result was good. We (LifestyleLift) know that our procedure was only part of the reason she looks better, but we will take all of the credit and are betting that you, consumer will not read the fine print. You, consumer, will then go get a lifestyle lift and be disappointed by mediocre, short lived results. But we, LifestyleLift, don't really care because we are fooling so many people that the next sucker is just around the corner. So you went in for a cheap, mini facelift, but then had to go to an experienced plastic surgeon for a full on revision facelift to correct the bad results that costs five times what you wanted to spend and will probably still have suboptimal results because revisions are always very tricky.

By the way, I don't do facelifts and my practice is devoted to keeping people away from the operating room for as long as possible. I have no economic axe to grind - I've just seen too many disasters from this procedure.

If a knife is going to meet your skin, make sure that the hand behind the knife is as experienced and legitimate as possible!

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