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Staff Spotlight: Stefanie Paige, Treatment Plans on a Budget

February 18, 2016

Stefanie’s Secret to Getting #DreamSkin on a Budget

Recently, Stefanie Paige, a registered nurse and laser and injection specialist at Westside Aesthetics, shared a shocking skin care secret that most skin pros don’t often divulge: You don’t have to make A-list money to get treated at a celebrity med spa. “I’ve worked with budgets as low as $100,” she revealed. Often, she notes, it’s money well spent; a few units of Botox may be more effective than a hundred-dollar eye cream. “We can always work with someone’s budget.”

Here are Stefanie’s secrets to making the most of your treatment on any budget—no too-good-to-to-be-true Groupon deals required.

Create a Plan: Like with most things, long-term planning is the key to saving dough. “When I meet a patient for the first time, I listen to what their goals are and create a treatment plan,” she says. “There are different modules in how we treat different things, such as improving tightening, skin tone and texture, or using fillers for volume loss. I can create a plan for how to achieve those goals over the next year.” By mapping out treatments that lay ahead, patients can benefit from the most strategic—and wallet-friendly—approach. “If you do the right thing at the right time you can look great for a long time,” Stefanie says.

Share Your Budget: After sharing your skin goals with your practitioner, talk about how much you’re able to spend. The money topic can be an awkward one, but as a specialist, Stefanie likes when patients share this information. That way, she can create a game plan that delivers the most bang for your budget, breaks treatments up into smaller installments or alert a patient when an appropriate money-saving special is on the horizon.

Consider Your Pro’s Perspective: After twenty years in the biz, Stefanie knows how to help a patient reach their ideal aesthetic in ways that the patient themselves may not aware. This is where it’s particularly helpful to consider a skin pro’s expertise. “If I see that something can be done to make a patient look two years younger, I will point that out,” she says. Though the treatment may not have been something that the patient originally had in mind, it can help to create a desired effect in a more clearcut—and economical—way.

Get Special Treatment: Many treatment plans include quarterly or semi-annual maintenance. To keep skin in shape without breaking the bank, keep an eye out for special offers. “We offer a lot of specials,” Stefanie says. “Botox, for example, is offered at reduced rates several times a year.” To get in on the best deals, join your med spa’s email list to receive news about deals or ask your practitioner to alert you when specific treatments on your maintenance plan are offered at a discount.

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