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Was This Really in Newsweek This Week?

September 20, 2009
"Advances in nonsurgical techniques have created a whole realm of possibilities for those seeking a new and improved look without plastic surgery....... The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza in the Czech Republic offers cryotherapy, where guests, mainly locals, stay for several minutes in a room where the temperature is below freezing. The goal is to stimulate free-flowing collagen, the main hormone responsible for a silky-smooth complexion, which is plentiful in youth but fades with age ( Locals also can't get enough of the dry carbon-dioxide bath, which wraps the body in a plastic bag filled with the natural gas, reducing swelling and allergic reactions, and healing any scars. At the Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort in Maremma, Italy, clients can try Isophoresis, an alternative to liposuction that uses ultrasound to force vitamins and plant extracts below the skin to break down fat deposits. They dissolve into the bloodstream and are eliminated through the bowels and kidneys (; from $240, compared with $2,000 for a basic nip-and-tuck)."


I thought better of Newsweek. Perhaps the next article will be about how you don't have to do all that messy surgery and nasty chemotherapy anymore. Just wear a few crystals and your cancer will melt away like butter!

I swear, I am so close to opening my cat poo spa at the Four Seasons. All cat poo, all the time. Tabby poo for cellulite, rare, expensive persian kitty poo for wrinkles, etc. I figure that if I price it high enough, there will be a waiting list in no time!

Seriously, though - be careful out there. There are few laws governing beauty treatments. As long as it is not harmful, no-one is going to prosecute a company for promoting treatments that do not work. So try to do some research on the treatments you are considering.

Do the cat poo test.

Is there any scientific evidence that the procedure you are considering works? If not, then it might be in the same wrinkle fighting category as cat poo.

2 thoughts on “Was This Really in Newsweek This Week?”

  1. Glenn Teabo says:

    Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really glad I made this choice for laser skin rejuvenation, and hope this, as well as the excellent advice some other people have written, will help you choose if it’s the proper choice for you.

  2. As always superb post bud. I’ve had a blast reading your posts and have found them awesome. Keep up the posting!

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